Different versions of roulette

versions of roulette

Surprisingly enough, the seemingly simple casino game of roulette has many different variations, and in addition to classic roulette, there are a whole host of games with different twists to offer casino visitors a more interesting experience. Here is a summary of these.

American Roulette vs European Roulette

Both are classic versions of roulette and are most commonly found in casinos. In both games, you’ll find the numbers 1 – 36, a single 0, and in the American version, 00. In both, bets can be placed on a specific number, combination of numbers, bar, side board, colour red or black, etc. The main difference between the two, however, is that American roulette is slightly less lucrative for the player than European roulette. This is due to the extra number 00 used in American roulette – this raises the house edge from 2.70% in European roulette to 5.26% in American.

French roulette

French roulette

French roulette is generally difficult to find in online casinos, but the game itself is quite intriguing. As with European roulette, there is a single 0 in play but if the ball stays on that number but you don’t bet on it, you only lose half your bet. It’s called the ‘La Partage’ rule and it gives players a bit more insurance. Another exciting rule is called ‘En Prison’ – if you bet on an even or odd number and the ball lands on zero, your bet is ‘imprisoned’. If your bet wins on the next round, you get your bet back. Pretty cool, eh?

Premiere Roulette – Diamond Edition

This game has recently become more popular in online casinos and essentially has numbers arranged in more colours than red and black, so you can bet on a greater number of colours: green, yellow, purple and blue.

Multi-Ball Roulette

A multi-ball game uses up to three roulette balls at the same time and that means more bets, more action, more chances to win. The perfect game for the impatient modern man who wants more, faster and all at once.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette

The true innovation of online casinos is live dealer roulette. If you want to experience the atmosphere of a real casino, but don’t want to leave the comfort of your chair and the warmth of your home, you can log on to a live casino where you can place bets on a real roulette wheel spun by a real dealer, located in a real casino! You can even strike up a conversation with the dealer, and usually the dealers at live online casinos are highly trained and ready to answer any question you have, with a few good jokes thrown in for good measure.

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