Baseball betting strategy

Baseball betting strategy

For beginners, there is not much difference between football and baseball betting strategy. But in reality, the difference is like night and day. Unlike football, where the point spread rules, baseball is mostly about the money line. In short, bettors only have to predict the winning team, not who will cover.

Although it is less common, players can also bet on “spreads” and markets such as over/under. In any case, to be successful at baseball betting, a clear plan is needed.

How to create a baseball betting strategy

First, look at the schedules of the teams. Often, baseball teams play about 162 games in about six months each summer. Now, this means that most teams have games every day, and some teams have to play long distances. Obviously the visiting team will suffer from tired legs. Also, the team playing after a day off enjoys fresher legs.

Secondly, study the statistics of the individual players. By now you should know that baseball is a hitter’s duel. For example, if a team with exemplary right-handed hitters faces “average” right-handed hitters, the former is likely to have the shorter hitter’s baseball chances. So, consider this statistic.

Finally, what are the weather conditions on the day of the game? Generally, cold weather games have fewer points than warm weather games. This is because cold air means higher air density, which reduces ball friction and movement. Therefore, a less bumped ball will travel less distance. In addition, strong winds will make hitting life more difficult.

Best baseball betting tips

Best baseball betting tips

Now that you have a ruthless baseball strategy, it’s time to improve it with these proven baseball betting tips:

Avoid hot favourites: The best online bookmakers know that Average Joes love short odds. But as you may already know, odds can be deceiving. Take the EPL, for example, where Chelsea, in good form, will always beat Brighton. But the best teams in MLB, like the Yankees, Dodgers and Cubs, win only 65% of their games in a season. So take advantage of the smaller players.

Follow the Reverse Line Movement (RLM): Baseball betting is not just about favouring the smaller players. Sports bettors need to follow the bookmakers’ RLM to know how the betting line is moving. For example, the Yankees may be -150 against the Cubs at +120. The respective odds are then adjusted to -135 and +110 respectively. In this case, the line has moved in favour of the Cubs. Remember that there are no clear favourites in baseball.

Focus on the bottom: When betting on totals, baseball players always prefer the overs. High-scoring games are usually more attractive than a boring snooze. But if you’re in between spikes, games filled with doubles, hits and 1-2-3 innings are mouth-watering. In short, the bookies know that most will go to overs. So, the smart guys are offering more money for the subs.

Don’t chase the parlays and teasers: the idea of turning $10 into $100 with one bet can be irresistible. However, parlays and teasers offer unfair odds, despite the fact that they are disguised as big odds. Therefore, respect the individual stakes of the game and always use bankroll management.

Golf betting strategy

Golf betting strategy

Golf betting for beginners can be more complicated than football or baseball betting. This is because golf is primarily about predicting the winner of the entire tournament. Also, picking the big names in golf betting can be a “necessary” bet, as the biggest championships and tournaments are usually won by players who are not talked about in the press.

In addition to betting on the eventual winner of a tournament, golf bettors may also bet on the performance of an individual golfer. In addition, there are markets where bets can be placed on the first-round leader, group matches, nationalities, match play and others. However, betting on tournaments such as The Masters, US Open and PGA Championship is the most convenient way.

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